Cheap Bastard BasementRed 2017

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Description: 750 ML

Hansen Garbarino Vineyards
Style & Taste: Spicy blackberry and bluberry aromas and flavors.
Notes: Sweet rich with long black berry and overripe plum flavors.
Foor Pairing: Hamburgers, hotdogs, barbeque, fried chicken and spicy dishes.
Serving Temperature: 55 to 60 Degrees.
Origin: Old World.
"California table wine which might remind you of the jug wine yours Great Grandfather used to make. Good Food.... Good Wine.... Manga... Family Dinners On Friday."
A Path to Great Wines...With over 150 years in the wine industry we have stayed true to our roots in California, making wines that showcase the Lodi Appellation along with some Coastal Regions and a few very select vineyards in California such as Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles and Santa Maria. This allows us to bring you multiple levels of wines where you can not only taste the beauty of Lodi wines, but appreciate the quality of different areas of California.
Cheap Bastard BasementRed 2017